750 ml HDPE Spray Bottle with 28 mm Trigger

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This 750 ml plastic spray bottle is made from high-quality HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) copolymer resin, which is known for its strength, durability and chemical resistance.

The bottle comes with a 28 mm trigger sprayer.

This chemical spray bottle is ideal for packaging;

• all-purpose cleaners • glass cleaners • disinfectant sprays • multi-surface cleaners • bathroom cleaners • kitchen cleaners • floor cleaners • tile and grout cleaners • carpet cleaners (ensure compatibility with spray mechanism) • wood cleaners (for furniture or surfaces) • automotive cleaners (for interiors or exteriors) • fabric fresheners • air fresheners • plant sprays (such as for indoor plants) • insecticides or pest control sprays • pet stain and odor removers • stainless steel cleaners • shoe cleaners or fresheners • stain removers (spot treatment) • outdoor surface cleaners (patio, deck, etc.)

This spray bottle can be produced in various colors, such as white, natural, and black. The trigger is available in multiple colors.

The minimum order quantity is 5000 pcs for natural or white color, 10000 pcs for other colors.

Volume750 ml
Weight – Bottle50 gr (+/- 5%)
Weight – Trigger20 gr (+/- 5%)
Height – Bottle210 mm
Height – Bottle with Cap252 mm
Height – Label area95 mm
Length – Label area80 mm
Width – Bottle110 x 50 mm
Dia – Cap28 mm
Cap TypeTrigger Sprayer
Raw Material – BottleHDPE
Raw Material – CapPP

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