500 ml HDPE Plastic Twin Neck Dosing Bottle

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500 ml Plastic Twin Neck Dosing Bottle.

This plastic bottle is made from high quality HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), which is known for its strength, durability and chemical resistance.

It is ideal for packaging motor or engine oils.

Its twin neck design enables easy pouring and measuring liquids accurately.

Volume of dosing part is 60 ml.

The cap of this bottle has an aluminum foil seal liner, and it can be sealed with an induction machine.

The minimum order quantity of this bottle is 10000 pcs.

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Volume 500 ml
Weight – Bottle 68 gr (+/- 5%)
Weight – Cap 3 gr (+/- 5%)
Height – Bottle 191 mm
Height – Bottle with Cap 195 mm
Height – Label area 145 mm
Length – Label area 155 mm
Width – Bottle 52 x 113 mm
Dia – Cap 28 mm
Cap Type Cap with aluminum foil seal liner
Raw Material – Bottle HDPE
Raw Material – Cap PP

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