3000 ml HDPE Tiegel für Proteinpulver mit 120 mm Aluminiumfolie Dichtdeckel

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This 3 litre plastic jar is made from high-quality HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene).

It is ideal for packaging protein whey powder and supplements.

The screw lid with aluminum seal provides a secure closure, making it easy to open and close, and ensures that your products stay fresh and safe from contamination.

This plastic jar can be produced in white and black colors.

The minimum order quantity of this HDPE jar is 720 pcs.

Volumen3000 ml
Gewicht – Tiegel140 gr (+/- 5%)
Gewicht –  Deckel35 gr (+/- 5%)
Höhe – Tiegel250 mm
Höhe – Tiegel mit Deckel254 mm
Höhe – Etikettenbereich153 mm
Länge – Fläche des Etiketts446 mm
Durchmesser – Tiegel140 mm
Durchmesser – Deckel120 mm
Deckel TypSchraubdeckel mit Aluminium-Dichtungseinlage
Rohmaterial – TiegelHDPE
Rohmaterial – DeckelPP

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