250 ml HDPE Vierkantflasche mit 50 mm PE-Schaumdichtung Entgasungsverschlüss

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This 250 ml plastic square bottle is made from high-quality HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), which is known for its strength, durability and chemical resistance.

The bottle comes with a tamper-evident secure vented cap including a PE foam seal liner. This vented cap protects the bottle from any possible deformation and leakage.

This chemical bottle is ideal for packaging;

• hydrogen peroxide • peracetic acid • sodium hypochlorite • agrochemicals (liquid fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides)

This vented bottle can also be used as a sample bottle in laboratories.

The bottle can be produced in various colors, such as white, natural, black, and green. The cap is mostly available in white and red colors, but can be produced in any other color.

The minimum order quantity is 5000 pcs.

Volumen250 ml
Gewicht – Flasche25 gr (+/- 5%)
Gewicht – Verschluss12 gr (+/- 5%)
Höhe – Flasche107.5 mm
Höhe – Flasche mit Verschluss114 mm
Höhe – Etikettenbereich51 mm
Länge – Fläche des Etiketts44 mm
Breite – Flasche58 mm
Durchmesser – Verschluss50 mm
Verschluss TypEntgasungsverschlüss mit PE-Schaumdichtung
Rohmaterial – FlascheHDPE
Rohmaterial – VerschlussPP

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