20 Liter Kunststoffkanister mit 60 mm Verschluss mit PE-Schaumdichtung

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This 20 lt plastic jerry can is made from high-quality HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), which is resistant to many chemicals and is not as brittle as other types of plastic.

It is perfect for storing and transporting chemicals like agrochemicals (liquid fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides), cleaning chemicals, pool chemicals, and automotive fluids.

This HDPE jerrycan can be stackable on 3 layers, which makes it efficient in usage of space during storage and transportation of the liquids.

The cap of this plastic container is tamper-proof and has a foam or aluminum seal liner which prevents leakage and ensures that the contents are secure and safe.

This plastic jerrycan can be produced in various colors, such as natural, white, black, blue, green and yellow. Also the weight of the container can be 1000 gr to 1250 gr, depending on the liquid which will be filled in it.

Minimum order quantity is 1000 pcs.

Volumen20000 ml
Gewicht1000-1200 gr (+/- 5%)
Höhe385 mm
Breite235 mm
Länge280 mm
Höhe – Etikettenfläche177 mm
Länge – Beschriftungsfläche215 mm
Durchmesser – Verschluss60 mm
Verschluss TypSicherer Verschluss mit PE-Schaumdichtung
Rohmaterial – KanisterHDPE
Rohmaterial – VerschlussPP

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